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Malaysia Visa

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How to Apply for Malaysia visa?
There are two methods through which foreign nationals can apply for a Malaysia visa:
manually, or online.
However, Malaysia only offers the online Malaysia visa application option to a handful of countries. Most visa-subject nationals have to apply at a Malaysian Representative Office Abroad or through an authorized visa application agency.

Who can submit a Malaysian visa application online?
Malaysian authorities offer certain foreign nationals the option of applying for a visa online, through the Malaysia eVisa. If your Malaysia eVisa application is approved, you will receive it online and you have to print it – it won’t be affixed as a sticker on your passport.

Download the application form
Before you submit a Malaysia visa application, you have to download Malaysia Visa application form from the website of the Immigration Department of Malaysia and complete it electronically. You’ll need access to a computer and Adobe Reader. After you complete the application form, you must print two copies and sign them.

Complete the documents file
When you submit a Malaysia visa application, you must have several supporting documents, such as:
Two copies of the Malaysia visa application form
Your original passport.
Two photocopies of your passport
Two passport size pictures.
A copy of your flight itinerary, including a confirmed return ticket.
Proof of accommodation in Malaysia, such as a hotel booking.
If you are staying with friends/family, include an invitation letter.
Bank statements from the past three months.
If you are applying for a Malaysia Visa with Reference: Original approval letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia or another authority.

Please be kindly noted that the organizing committee is not authorized to assist with the VISA process beyond providing the Invitation Letter. The invitation letter of conference organizing committee cannot guarantee the approval of visa application.